Access to our  VT Wall. The paradigm shift   A transparent wall that harvest thermal energy and insulate double more than a conventional one.

Alcrea Solar is a project carried out by a group of Spanish researchers that has finished in a patent (PCT with triple “A”) of a system which collects solar energy for heating while generates advertising images, that change when you move and could be sold by twice the cost of the panels. This set of youtube videos explains it in detail.

As rough data, the panels will cost around 120-140 € per square meter, and the annual rent of a 1 m2 of billboard is 250 €, or 700 € if it is a bus shelter. That's depends on the country and other factors.

This technology can be used to illuminate with sunlight a home or building, or capture that energy; according to the heat demand curve and without moving parts.

Additionally, it also uses vacuum tubes to create high insulated transparent walls, up to 0.5 W/m²/ºK, with a great demand in countries with low sunlight.

Video 9 reveals how you can get shares of the patent or patent it in your home country in exchange of 50% of the rights or manufactureThis use to cost less than 2000-3000 €.

    Executive Summary presentation                              in PDF 

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1.Summary of the technology: Possibilities of this technology. Where you can use. Summary of other videos. Some economic data and more.


1.1Technical executive summary:This is not a video itself. It is the introduction of one minute and a half of all videos. Summarizes all the characteristics of the project


2.Project and techology overview: Explains graphically which is the problem solved. It outlines the aims of the project and part of its social orientation to the distribution of wealth and the Environment.

3.Background of the system and optimizationsTechnical basis for changing images generation, obtaining of high concentrations and the appropriateness of the collection to the demand curve. Derivatives products.

4.Blades, sunsreen, glazing, skylights and heat pump support: How to illuminate with sunlight and according to the thermal demand curve. Simple or complex systems for facades and skylights, inside or outside the building. Highly insulated glazing.

5.Generation of changing images on the panel or facade: (upon request due to its high level of know-how) Procedure for changing images generation. Higher number and higher resolution. Changes with the viewer or sun position. Use in north orientations. Purely aesthetic applications or simultaneously with heat collection.

6.Venetians and panels for energy collection and advertising images generationSpecialized system that collect solar thermal heat or illuminates with sunlight as the demand curve, and simultaneously generates changing images that change when the observer changes its position.


7.Solar roofs: Solutions for high or low roof slope, solar light to illuminate and collect its energy, according to the demand curve. Their applicability to be the roof or replace elements thereof. Advantages over paint roofs in white to reduce global warming.

8.High insulation transparent walls: Current use of vacuum tubes and its collection systems. New function to provide high insulation transparent walls (up to 0.5 W / m / K) for north walls or adequacy the amount of sunlight to the each Seaton of the year. Further improvement of the collection systems. The reduced costs. How to collaborate interested or disinterested.


9.Economic and social proposalHow to get benefit, shares in the patent, patent it in your country, DIY, manufacture or be licensee. Economic considerations. Social engagement, with the distribution of wealth and the rapid widespread and implantation. Collaborate interested or disinterested.

12.Prototype with triangular blades: Video of the demonstration prototype of the videos 5 and 6, which will have 11 blades.